Applications are now closed. 2019 Applications will be available in the Fall of 2018

Scholar Application

The DDCSP UM application contains several elements--all of which will contribute to your overall evaluation. In order to be considered for acceptance, all forms must be completed and all required documents received by our office no later than the deadline. For consistency, please use legal names when submitting application. 

1. Application 

Please use the link below to complete the 2018 Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program and the University of Michigan application. To complete this application you will need your resume, transcript (Submit transcript once Fall 2017 semester grades are available. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable), and answers to the essay questions. Please see the essay questions below.

Complete Application Form (Please follow link to complete 2018 application)

Essay Questions

These 3 items need to be uploaded separately using the form below as part of the application:

Please answer all the following prompts a-c (label your answer to respond to the question) in three well organized essays: 

a. In 500 words address the following in your essay: What roles and experiences have you had that demonstrate leadership? Please include any challenges or adversities that you have had to overcome.

b. In 500 words, what are your conservation/environmental areas of interest? How do these interests tie into your future short and long term goals? And how do you hope to become an agent of change in this field?

c. The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at the University of Michigan is committed to diversity and inclusion in the field of conservation. In 300 words, discuss how you would approach and what you would add to a conversation about diversity and identity.

Submit transcript once Fall 2017 semester grades are available. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  


2. Letters of Recommendation

a) Please share the following link with the two (2) people you choose to write your letters of recommendation: DDCSP UM 2018 Recommendation.  The 2018 recommendation letter deadline is February 7, 2018.  

b) Please complete the form below with the names and emails of the two (2) people you have chosen. Additionally do not forget to send the above DDCSP UM 2018 Recommendation link to your recommenders.

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